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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fresh: Trox - 'Ugly Sweaters'

Red Bull Big Tune Alum, Trox comes through with a new heavy-handed ep just in time for Christmas, featuring some of the producer's dopest beats, accompanied by ill bars from various gifted friends. Wanna buy it? Get it here: Play this one at high volumes.

Guilty Pleasure: ROLLIN'

New song + visuals from japanese hoodsta, Smith-CN, prod by Trifeckta.

Fantasy Football 2013-14 Season Recap


1st Place trifeckta

Well, can't say I honestly thought I'd win, but it happened in one of my leagues (see my avi-trophy?! nice.). Definitely wanna thank the homie, Train, for the invite into his 'Twitter Fantasy Football' league; one of the most unique leagues I've ever been in. Also want to note that I did come in 8th place out of 10 in my 'Beer & Business' league, which i struggles in most of the season, as well as coming in a disappointing 6th place in the 'League With The Homies' (which I was doing pretty well in before the last few weeks of the season). How did it all happen? 

The 'Twitter Fantasy Football' league format included 4 active roster spots for individual defensive players. I had no clue until the actual draft, so there was no way for me to know to research defensive player stats/trends/nshit. This, however, is where I ultimately separated myself from the pack, in my opinion, with most of my defensive players exceeding their projected points each week. In a deep league, you gotta find some type of a competitive edge, and defense ended up being where I excelled. 

I was all kinds of disappointment in the 'Beer & Business' league, which cuts deep because last year I came in 7th or 8th place, and I vowed that I'd do better. 1st problem: RG3. I tried to stick with him too long. Could've actually traded him early, which would've been optimal. I knew he wasn't healthy enough to be as explosive as he was last year, but thought maybe with a year of experience under his belt, and all of his weapons back from last year, he could do well. Wrong. 2nd problem: my receiving core crumbled early, and I never could recover. Victor Cruz just wasn't Victor Cruz enough, and Roddy White never got healthy for real. Every week, I was looking to make a move that would never pan out.

And talk about a let-down; I was actually in control of the 'League With The Homies' somewhere in the middle of the season, and crumbled down the stretch. It basically boiled down to the Philly QB situation: I had a lil run early with Vick, then the milk went sour, picked up Foles, he took a few lumps, and I lost production at the QB spot for a couple weeks. The Foles pickup did pay off big once Philly got on track, but at that same time, my RB group collectively went flat, and things slowly started to unravel. Andre Ellington took that nasty hit which lead to a concussion, and when he came back from that, cats were snatchin' his weave out, and I just couldn't hang in there with him; it was looking all bad. But once I dropped him, he got it together, and I was looking dumb. So yeah, there was that, as well as the 'Snow Game', where Megatron had like 5pts, and teams started bottling up Demaryius Thomas. Smh ...I limped into the playoffs, and Megatron ran into the defensive juggernaut that was NYG defense in week 16. ...So, ...yeah ...

What do I take away from this year of fantasy football? Well, I did win 1 championship out of a possible 3, so I guess it means I know lil sumthin. But the other 2 showings were so bad ...*sigh* ...I don't know hahahaha. It was definitely fun. Being a sports nut, I pride myself on knowing what I'm talking about, in reference to sports. But sports isn't quite an exact science, when you take into account that its based on human performance, weather, money, and a gang of other variables that, when combined, makes it tough to provide constant trends, making for ever-changing truths and unpredictable outcomes, each game. One thing you can bank on, is that I'm all about the challenge, and mass consumption of the beer & hot wings that accompany Sunday. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NEW Music: Rockwell Knuckles X Tef Poe "David Ruffin Theory"

These two have been cookin' up plenty of collaborative tracks and individual projects for quite some time now, so it's only right they finally drop their highly anticipated "David Ruffin Theory" mixtape. The soul, charisma, lyricism, and production that fans have grown to expect to from the STL rhyme slingers, are all on full display in this 12 song audio adventure. Many are already comparing this latest release to some of the duo's best individual efforts(Tef Poe's, 'Money Never Sleeps', and Rockwell's, 'Choose Your Own Adventure', respectfully). 

You can  decide for yourself: stream here now, download, and share with the rest of the free world. 

Mixed by: Trackstar The DJ

Features include: Aloha Mi'Sho, Nick Menn of 'Doorway', Saint Orleans, and Theresa Payne. 

Production credits: Average Jo, Bentley Hendrixx, Chase The Money, JBJR, KT The Terrible, Smiff & Cash for 'Heatwave Productions', Tech Supreme, and Trifeckta. 

Engineering: Suburban Pro Studios

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fresh: 'The Worst Guys'

Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper combine powers on the new video/single, 'The Worst Guys'; new freshness off of CG's newly released, 'Because The Internet', available for FREE STREAM, below:

Monday, December 2, 2013


As some of you may already know I (B-Money) spent significant time in Japan from '06 to '12. The three track collaboration with "B.D." for his upcoming major label debut "Balance" will unofficially close a chapter of my creative, musical journey. Overall I'm thankful and content with the experience. If your interested in hearing more from B.D. you can download his album from iTunes on December 11th.