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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fantasy Football 2013-14 Week 3 Recap

Well, its that time again; my weekly fantasy football review. You know; this is where I tell you about how I thought I had it figured out, but one or more of my players didn't live up to the internet's expectations, rendering them utterly useless(?). This week I ended up 2-1 with my fantasy teams. I clinched one of the 2 wins with a halfback pass executed by Darren McFadden of the Oakland Raiders(as seen in the groovy gif above). With so many injuries and shortcomings on my team, Joint Account,  I'm starting to scout for potential trade situations to help pull me from the doldrums of the Business & Beer league. Below is how I fared this week: 

Twitter Fantasy Football league Recap via Yahoo Sports (2-1)

"trifeckta Comes from Behind(pause) to Shock Deonte's Boss Team"

Smooth Moves by trifeckta

  • Was smart to sit the Oakland Raiders Defense this week, which had 6.00 points, the lowest DEF score on the team.
  • Took Sam Bradford out of the starting lineup, who scored 15.60 points on the bench, fewer than the starting QB.
  • Darren McFadden scored 13.54 points, which ranked 10th out of all the RBs in the league this week.
  • The Arizona Cardinals Defense led the team in scoring with 23.00 points, their highest output of the season.
  • Janoris Jenkins had his highest scoring output of the season with 6.00 points.

League with the Homies Recap via Yahoo Sports (3-0)

"barry sandersocks Put the Stamp on St. Louis Stache, takes 1st place"

Smooth Moves by barry sandersocks

  • Sat Lamar Miller, who scored 6.40 points, fewer than any RB in the starting lineup.
  • The 15.90 points scored by Giovani Bernard, who barry sandersocks picked up this week, beat his projected point total of 6.82 by 133.2%.
  • Calvin Johnson scored 17.50 points, the sixth-highest WR score in the league this week.
  • With 13.30 points, Alfred Morris ranked 10th in scoring among all RBs in the league this week.
  • With 5.00 points, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense beat their 1.49 projected point total by a team-leading 235.3%.

Business & Beer League Recap via Yahoo Sports (1-2)


"The Supreme Team Beats Joint Account"

Toyota Missed Opportunities by Joint Account

  • Left the Cincinnati Bengals Defense on the bench, where they scored 18.00 points and beat their projected point total by 116.1%, the ninth-highest percentage in the league this week.
  • 8 of the 9 starters scored less than their projected points.
  • Victor Cruz had a season-low 4.67 points against a projected 13.85 and underachieved for the first time this season.
  • Miles Austin had a season-low 3.47 points against a projected 11.14 and scored below his projection for the second time this season.
  • Robert Griffin III did not meet his 19.14-point projection this week, the first time that's happened this season. His 15.74 points were also a season-low.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fantasy Football 2013-14 Week 2 Recap

Week 2 went much better for me and my fantasy football teams, as I went 3-0 on the weekend; improving 2 of my teams to 1-1 on the season, and one 2-0. 

I still have a little ways to go as far as setting my lineups for optimal point production each week, but it's early, and now is the time to work out the kinks. Check me out tho(in blue, bruh):

Twitter Fantasy Football league Recap via Yahoo Sports

-trifeckta Puts the Kibosh on Touch Money

"trifeckta beat Touch Money 170.08 - 120.62 thanks to two big individual performances, Sam Bradford with 31.58 points and the Oakland Raiders Defense with 30.00. trifeckta piled up 22.1% more points than projected (139.26). Touch Money fell just short of projections and got 92.4% of their projected 130.56 points. Michael Vick, with 37.22 points, brought in the second-highest score in the league this week. trifeckta started one player with zero points while Touch Money also served up one goose egg, meaning both teams could have scored more points. 

League with the Homies Recap via Yahoo Sports

-barry sandersocks Tops CYBERTRON KANGZ

"barry sandersocks picked up the second-highest player score this week from Michael Vick (33.22) and got past CYBERTRON KANGZ 122.42 - 93.62. barry sandersocks beat expectations and scored 15.1% more points than projected (106.32). CYBERTRON KANGZ got just 87.5% of a projected 106.94 points. Martellus Bennett led CYBERTRON KANGZ with 19.60 points while Matthew Stafford brought in 17.22. CYBERTRON KANGZ (0-2, 196.60 points) goes to the cellar and barry sandersocks (2-0, 263.84 points) remains in second place."

Business & Beer League Recap via Yahoo Sports

-Joint Account Gets Victory Against Lucky Charm

"Joint Account got the second-highest player point total this week from Michael Vick (34.29) to take down Lucky Charm 126.70 - 90.40. Joint Account met their projections and scored 8.1% more points than projected (117.23). Lucky Charm got just 74.3% of a projected 121.59 points. Lucky Charm, coming off a 159.84 - 145.11 win against BadAss, saw their scoring shrink this week. Lucky Charm (1-1, 250.24 points) goes to seventh place and Joint Account (1-1, 243.68 points) remains in ninth place."

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fantasy Football 2013-14 Week 1 Recap

7 TDs! WHO KNEW?! Yeah, go ahead with your 20/20 hindsight; you ain't foolin' me! NOBODY knew that Peyton would go off like that, in Week 1 nonetheless. And with me having 3 fantasy football teams, you expect me to have him on at least ONE team, ...right? Nah. In drafting, I was tryin' to be cute and grab up all-star receivers and the best running back on the board, and thought he'd slip to the 5th round(which he never really did when it was time for me to pick, but whatever man). ANYWAY, here's how my Week 1 shook down(my teams in blue):

Twitter Fantasy Football league Recap via Yahoo Sports

-Train Beast Squad Tops trifeckta

"Train Beast Squad took down trifeckta 176.88 - 145.16 and logged the second-highest score in the league this week. Train Beast Squad beat their projections and scored 16.7% more than their projected 151.53 points, while trifeckta fell just short of projections and got 94.7% of a projected 153.23. trifeckta was led by Demaryius Thomas with 28.10 points and Matt Ryan who scored 22.36. Train Beast Squad (1-0) starts the season in second place while trifeckta (0-1) opens in eighth place." Shot myself in the foot with Roddy White(ankle) and Zach Sudfeld(hamstring) under-performing.  

League with the Homies Recap via Yahoo Sports

-barry sandersocks Smokes Opossum Hunters, Emerges as an Early Favorite

"barry sandersocks put up the second-highest score this week to easily dispatch Opossum Hunters 141.42 - 81.98. barry sandersocks delivered a great effort and scored 33.3% more than their projected 106.13 points, while Opossum Hunters performed poorly and got just 75.3% of a projected 108.86. Drew Brees led Opossum Hunters with 21.48 points while DeMarco Murray brought in 12.50. Adding insult to injury, Opossum Hunters got goose eggs from both James Jones and Zach Sudfeld. barry sandersocks kicks off the campaign with a 1-0 record, good enough for second place. Opossum Hunters begins at 0-1 and in 10th place." Started Vick, Jared Cook, Demayius Thomas, and Tampa Defense for the win. 

Business & Beer League Recap via Yahoo Sports

-TriplettThreat Gets By Joint Account

"TriplettThreat got 26.73 points from LeSean McCoy and 21.48 from Joe Flacco, edging Joint Account, 119.97 - 116.98. While each team failed to hit their projections, TriplettThreat scored 93.3% of a projected 128.65 points to get the win. Michael Vick led Joint Account with 26.52 points while Jason Witten brought in 24.67. TriplettThreat kicks off the season with a 1-0 record, good enough for fourth place. Joint Account begins at 0-1 and in ninth place." Man! Started T.Y Hilton & Roddy White instead of Victor Cruz & Miles Austin(I KNOW; I was trippin smh). STILL almost pulled out the win, had RG3 not been so shell-shocked and threw them INTs! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

TBT, Bonus, this joynt here was cray...Terminator X - Juvenile Delinquintz 1991 (HQ)

TBT!! Terminator X - Homey Don't Play Dat

Trifeckta's Fantasy Football 2013-14

YES! The 2013-14 NFL season is officially upon us. Being as American as possible, I have already drafted my fantasy football teams that I will manage throughout the season (yeah, plural; don't YOU judge Me): #TwitterFantasyFootball, one league with the homies, and another league team comprised of college buddies and business associates.

If you're familiar with the joy and splendor that is fantasy football, then I shouldn't have to tell you what's on the line here. But, for those who live in the darkness that is life without interest in sports and/or ESPN, fantasy football is all about proving that you know a little something about the game of American football, and being able to back up all your trash talk and random sports fact banter on social networks by achieving a certain level of success with your fantasy football prowess. No, but for real, it's another way to learn, keep up with, and enjoy futball Americana. Some leagues offer a monetary pot and/or weekly winnings, others a end-of-the-season trophy, and most just offer bragging rights among comrades.

Anyway, I offer up to you the chance to ride shotgun with me on this season's fantasy football roller coaster. I will get in my feelings win or lose, and I may even turn into statistical nerd right before your very eyes. One thing is for sure: I will have fun, and since I'm such a congenial and gracious host, you will enjoy it as well. So, without further ado, here are the 3 teams that I drafted (AYE; I said don't judge) for this season, which starts this Thursday night:

1. Trifeckta - Yahoo Sports Draft Grade: A+
(offensive and defensive player league)
1.(9)Alfred Morris(Was - RB)
2.(16)Demaryius Thomas(Den - WR)
3.(33)Roddy White(Atl - WR)
4.(40)Matt Ryan(Atl - QB)
5.(57)DeSean Jackson(Phi - WR)
6.(64)Darren McFadden(Oak - RB)
7.(81)Sam Bradford(StL - QB)
8.(88)Montee Ball(Den - RB)
9.(105)Dennis Pitta(Bal - TE)
10.(112)Thomas DeCoud(Atl - S)
11.(129)Daryl Washington(Ari - LB)
12.(136)Janoris Jenkins(StL - CB)
13.(153)Charles Johnson(Car - DE)
14.(160)San Diego(SD - DEF)
15.(177)Arizona(Ari - DEF)
16.(184)Kenbrell Thompkins(NE - WR)
17.(201)James Laurinaitis(StL - LB)
18.(208)Steven Hauschka(Sea - K)
19.(225)Tim Jennings(Chi - CB)

2. Joint Account - Yahoo Sports Draft Grade: B-
("keeper" league play)
1.(3)Robert Griffin III(Was - QB)
2.(18)Michael Vick(Phi - QB)
3.(23)Alfred Morris(Was - RB)
4.(38)Roddy White(Atl - WR)
5.(43)Victor Cruz(NYG - WR)
6.(58)Marques Colston(NO - WR)
7.(63)Jason Witten(Dal - TE)
8.(78)Lamar Miller(Mia - RB)
9.(83)Cincinnati(Cin - DEF)
10.(98)Miles Austin(Dal - WR)
11.(103)T.Y. Hilton(Ind - WR)
12.(118)Sam Bradford(StL - QB)
13.(123)Pierre Thomas(NO - RB)
14.(138)Steven Hauschka(Sea - K)
3. Barry Sandersocks - Yahoo Sports Draft Grade: C-
(traditional league play)
1.(8)Calvin Johnson(Det - WR)
2.(13)Alfred Morris(Was - RB)
3.(28)Demaryius Thomas(Den - WR)
4.(33)Reggie Wayne(Ind - WR)
5.(48)Andrew Luck(Ind - QB)
6.(53)Tony Gonzalez(Atl - TE)
7.(68)Montee Ball(Den - RB)
8.(73)Michael Vick(Phi - QB)
9.(88)Jared Cook(StL - TE)
10.(93)Kenbrell Thompkins(NE - WR)
11.(108)Baltimore(Bal - DEF)
12.(113)Kyle Rudolph(Min - TE)
13.(128)Christine Michael(Sea - RB)
14.(133)Dan Bailey(Dal - K)
15.(148)Tampa Bay(TB - DEF)
16.(153)Brian Hartline(Mia - WR)
17.(168)Mike Nugent(Cin - K)