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Friday, July 12, 2013

Jay Dee on Gilles Peterson Feb 15th 2001

Tef Poe on TV : "Let's Discuss Racism"

Fresh off Tef's controversial & honest column on Paula Deen the MC makes an appearance on daytime TV to discuss the dreaded "R" word. Strap in & enjoy the discussion & learn why Tef is not your average rapper...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unlocking The Holy Grail: Hit-Boy

Ever wondered what happened to Craig Mack??

The Screwed Arts Collective presents "Screwed Cubed"

If you're in town this weekend and are looking for something to do that stimulates you creatively then please check out this unique installation/exhibit. An improvisational collaborative that initially manifested in St. Louis in 2010 with the first exhibit entitled "Screwed In". While the group was in Grand Rapids Michigan for the heralded 2011 "Art Prize Exhibition", one of the nations largest,
Bryan Walsh suggested "painting cubes", Christopher Burch explains "and the conversation evolved from there".  For more information about Screwed Arts Collective click here
Screwed Cube info :
Exhibition : Friday July 12 - Saturday July 27, 2013
Opening Reception : Friday July 12 , 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Gallery Talk Thursday July 18, 6:00 PM
Location : The Gallery at the Regional Arts Commission
6128 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis Mo. 63112
"Screwed Cubed is the Screwed Arts Collective's first foray into a fully three-dimensional exhibition and environment. This exhibition takes the viewer/participant into the collectives unique method of improvisational drawing and on-site, public space making, resulting in an enhanced experience, both physically and visually".
The Screwed Arts Collective are , Jacob Berkowitz, Christopher Burch, Stan Chisholm, Daniel Burnett, Cheeraz Gormon, Christopher Harris, Kris Mosby, Daniel Jefferson, Jason Spencer, Justin Tolentino and Bryan Walsh

Jay-Z "Picasso Baby" at the Pace Gallery in New York City

Should be a fun & interesting video.

OLDBOY Trailer (Spike Lee - 2013)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Download JBJR's Beats, Joy & Rhythm,

3 Time Slumfest Beat Battle Champ JBJR's new Beat tape is finally here. Download & enjoy!

Official Bare Knuckle, Jay Z, "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Review Pt. I

By B-Money,
Magna Carta Holy Grail is Jay Z's 12th Full length release. It is arguably the most anxiously anticipated album of his career, mostly for the innovative marketing campaign that has preceded its availability. Due on July 4th via a special exclusive App, specifically tailored for Samsung's mobile devices. The entire deal secured with a 20 million dollar advance sets a new precedent on branding and distribution, not to mention a game changer in the way Nielsen Soundscan, now acknowledges and records digital album sales. (MCHG has already pre sold 1 million copies which pretty much insures platinum status for this release). 
Now with all the hype surrounding the marketing scheme & initial roll out the only thing left for consumers to do is Download & enjoy. No mess, no fuss no stress, but is the album actually any good? 
In my humble opinion I would like to say, yes I think this is a pretty good Hip Hop album. Granted it took me a few listens to come to that conclusion. Is it Jay Z's best album? For me, no. Does it rank with the top albums from his discography? Because of the significance of the way in which this album is being released & the production team assembled plus the overall general buzz I would have to say this album is right up there.  The sequencing of this album is definitely what grabs my attention right away. 
Holy Grail, Produced by Timbaland features Justin Timberlake singing a rehashed Nirvana hook. This is the song thats seemingly captivated the buying public since the Samsung ads began running during the NBA Finals in June. With a dramatic Piano melody setting the tone from the intro. Somehow I feel like the anticipation probably overplayed the hype for this song. Since everyone remembers hearing this song without any vocals over it, most folks probably assumed yet didn't anticipate hearing JT's vocals right away. Once you get used to the fact that this is actually how the completed work is meant to play out you can actually begin to wrap your head around the concept. Jay is basically dealing with the customary trappings of fame. While putting the doubters and detractors in their proper place. I can't front I definitely would've reached my limitations long ago with paparazzi chasing, cameras everywhere, competing for a shot of your newborn,  so hearing a song like this as the albums intro makes plenty of sense. Tables set, now its time for the meal….
Picasso Baby, Produced by Timbaland with a lotta help from Adrian Younge : This songs a two parter musically. The first part is a straight ahead bass & organ paced groove, looped up with Jay spitting words like "Lets Make love on a Million, in the dirty hotel with the fan on the ceilin' ". Picasso is all about the finer things that monetary success brings. Its pretty much a staple of Jays at this point. No new ground being broken here though. Just another proverbial addition to an already well established Home of materialistic hits. 
For me the highlight of this song is the second part which kicks in around the 2:31 mark. A slower tempo'd groove with a more Rockish vibe to it. I honestly wish he would've used this track more for the song. This portion reminds me of classics like PSA or It's Hot ( Some Like it Hot). Onto the next…
Tom Ford Produced By Timbaland & Jerome JRoc Harmon : This is one of my favorite songs in the set.  Probably because of the Galaga video game sound effect synth used in the arrangement. Even in the ads leading up to the release of the album, you'd have to be dead not to feel that Timbo craziness when this track played in the background. This song epitomizes the signature Timbo sound married to Jay's wide ranging, open flow reminiscent of "Big Pimpin" or "Dirt off Your Shoulder". "I don't pop molly I rock Tom Ford, international, bring back the Concord". I'm sure the designer is quite happy with all the added attention & press he'll be getting due to this one. Fashionistas can line up with hopes of future name drops to increase their credibility in the urban community. Ha!
Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit, Produced by Boy1da : This track is really dark and starts out with an excerpt from an interview with Pimp C. Seeminlgy right after his release from Prison in 2005. I like the track. Its very tight and well put together for sure but Rick Ross starts the song off immediately playing off the songs title. Ross is not the boss on this joynt. Jay would've been better served handling this song himself or at least coaxing a better verse from Ross. Either way the track pretty much makes up for Ross's lyrical ineptitude. This songs almost like an interlude since theres only two verses. Unfortunately Ross returns to lead us out of the song at the end, probably his best words contributed, on his way out…lol!
Oceans Produced by Pharrell Williams featuring Frank Ocean (no really Oceans feat. Frank Ocean, I don't make this shit up) This song is about the lineage African Americans have to the middle passage via the Atlantic (basically). This song is conceptually deep even if the execution leaves a little bit to be desired. Pharrell's track is pretty basic. Synth brass winding around a drum program that will remind old schoolers of this This song didn't really do it for me though. Dope concept that just seems to fall short of my expectations. 
F.U.T.W. ( Fuck Up This World ) Produced by Timbaland & J Roc : A forgettable record….just boring as fuck basically….but whatever…moving on ( filler)
Somewhereinamerica Produced By Hit Boy : Another record I really like. This song proves Hit Boy's versatility. This song is pure Hip Hop. The type of music that Jay does best. He uses a downbeat cadenced flow to do what Hip Hop is truly meant to. Report the happenings of the world around us in a surrealist way. With a dash of art sprinkled over the top. Celebrity References abound in Jay's lyrical assault. From Justin Bieber's driving habits to a direct stab at Miley Cyrus's latest dance moves…ha! 
Crown Produced by Wondagirl : Trill synth track with a nice Sizzla sample in the intro.  This is a monster record lyrically. Jay definitely enjoyed going all in on this one. lines like  "If it wasn't for the Cain I wouldn't 
be able" & "Scott Boras you over baby, Robinson Cano you comin with me" hit pretty hard and drum up plenty of immediate controversy,  
Well this is only the first part of my review. The albums been out a day and I need more time to fully digest this release. Please feel free to chime in with your comments. Which records do you like and dislike so far? 
I'll be back with part II of this review soon enough! Have a safe & Happy Independence Day 

Adrian Younge - Sirens

Sound Familiar?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

REVOLT Exclusive: Timbaland Unlocks The Holy Grail

Ok, now I'm officially stoked. Timbaland has been the one odd man out for the longest when it comes to Jay's "go to" Producers. Hearing it from him.....All I can say is Tim has pretty much never disappointed when it comes to contributions of Jay's discography. Can't wait to hear this album.