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Friday, May 31, 2013

BBC interview with Ahmad Jamal

One of the greatest and most influential pianists in Classic American Music history(Jazz). Sampled by Common, Nas, & De La (Pete Rock, J Dilla & NO I.D.) Enjoy this extensive interview with the musical master.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trombone Shorty - Live From New Orleans

A great ambassador for the long standing musical tradition of New Orleans. Pick up anything this cat throws down. I guarantee you'll enjoy

Friday, May 3, 2013

B$ Track of the Day

TransWorldSkateboarding (TWS) Honors Tommy Guerrero

This guy along with Mark Gonzales & Natas Kapas helped change & innovate street skating and were also my early hero's coming up as a kid on 4 wheels

St. Louis Can't Survive on $7.35 / Rally & Concert!

Come out & show your support while enjoying good music

Angela Davis & Lennox Hinds denouncing FBI's adding Assata Shakur to US terrorists List

This latest revelation by the FBI is pretty appalling & definitely opens up a plethora of questions regarding our governments true purpose when supposedly combatting "terrorism". Personally I don't believe this has much to do with that term at all. When a government labels a woman who hasn't been heard from in 40 years, who's case concerning the murder of a State Trooper in New Jersey on May 2nd 1973 is shaky at best, a terrorist, it reeks of a vendetta. Plenty of folks don't seem to see the bigger picture here. The US Government has now used the hunt for proposed terrorists as an excuse to hunt down people who are definitely NOT terrorists.  If Assata Shakur is such a violent woman (at age 65 mind you) then why hasn't she been seen anywhere other than her home in Cuba or why hasn't she been found guilty of any crimes against people where she's lived peacefully for the past 40 years?
I'll end my tirade here...I don't wanna be added to this list....For those not hip, try googling Assata Shakur & COINTELPRO,