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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fresh: Ciej - "12 Women"

While the rest of the game clutches its pearls, laying in the fetal position in one of the corners of its little box, MME, an indie music collective out of St. Louis, continues to impress. Armed with their style, lyricism, beats, and visuals, this young group of musical craftsmen is poised to take the underground hip hop reins. For example, take this new cut by committee member Ciej, shot by Andy Koh. Press play, then click the link below to catch up to what you've been missing.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fresh: Attitude - "Product Of My City"

There's a popular saying in hip hop culture: "Your hood ain't no harder than mine." And that sounds good, but if you're from a place like East St. Louis, Illinois, you may beg to differ. Forever confused with St. Louis, MO, which also has a pretty tough reputation, "the east side" is no cakewalk. But instead of wasting internet space glorifying how gutta it is, here, we highlight one of the young, creative up-and-comers in the east side's thriving hip hop community, Attitude

In a hungry scene with a surfeit of talent, ages ranging from 10 yrs old to 30+, Darius Jenkins has had one heck of a year thus far, winning rap battle after rap battle, features in local news publications, and being named to this year's St. Louis hip hop "Freshman Class XI".  We have a feeling this is just the beginning for this young mic-wielding Jedi knight, seeing as though he's just 18.  

Check out his latest 12-track release, "Product Of My City", in which he gives his perspective on what it's been like growing up in his hood, and in the world of hip hop.